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TV MEME - Day 19

Day 19 - Best TV show cast

I first saw this show many years ago - and enjoyed the story of a group of people getting thrown into weird "normal" situations.

DADS ARMY is set in a small Home guard unit during WWII (so if anyone is offended by comedy of that genre, or jokes about Germas, I apologise ... please cease reading now!)

This group of people though are brilliant - because all of us know them ... they are our friends, work collegues ... sports team pals.

Captain Mainwaring - the local Bank Manager who promoted himself.  A small man, with a strong wife (who you never meet)
Seargent Wilson - very vague and sweet ... he lives with Mrs Pike ... but her son just thinks he is a quiet sleeper as the spare room always looks tidy.  It turns out he has a minor title ... and was a Captain during WWI
Private Pike - "the" son.  A wimp - always has to wear a scarf ... too young (just) for the army)
Corperal Jones - an "old soldier" ... who still is fighting the Boer War in his mind ... loves nothing better than to fix bayonettes ... he is a the butcher, and does bend the rules for his favourite customers.  Very doddering - likely to trip you up.
Private Frazer - An old sailor - a Sot - who poors doom and gloom on every situation.
Private Walker - a Spiv.  How he is not in the army is never explained - he can get nylons, whisky, butter ... you name it ... always with a smile.  (I worked with such a guy, for 4 years!)
Private Hodges - the old man - too old and slow to be there, but still wants to do his bit ... even though he won't carry a gun - turned out he has the Military Medal as a strecher bearer in WWI.  He lives with his 2 sisters.
Captain Hodges - of the local APR - the rival group ... thus the one the all hate (for no reason at all)
Father Farthing - the local vicar - a very effeminate man ... who tries to "pour oil on troubled waters"

So - as you see, the whole of life represented in one show!

Here is a small clip - but again I do warn it is anti-WWII-German.


There are some details here, at Wikipedia or, the show has been so popular it has it's own Apreciation Society

BTW - My father was in the Home Guard in Barking, England in the war, and a few of his platoon were killed on active service.  They manned the search-lights ina park, and were one of the first line of defense against the London Blitz.


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