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Former 'Buffy' Actor James Marsters Is Engaged

Actor James Marsters, 47, announced his engagement to longtime girlfriend Patricia Rahman, US Weekly exclusively reports. A rep for the actor confirmed the news today.

Marsters, best known for his role as Spike on 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'Angel,' proposed to his fashion designer girlfriend in Trier, Germany. The actor met Rahman, 24, at a concert in Amsterdam and they are planning to wed this coming fall.

The actor, also known for memorable roles in 'Smallville,' 'Caprica,' and 'Torchwood,' is heading back to the small screen next fall. Along with 'Lost' alum Daniel Dae Kim, Marsters stars in the new CBS series 'Hawaii 5-0' which will debut in September.

This will be Marsters second marriage. He has one son, Sullivan, with ex-wife Liane Davidson.

This was quoted from Pop Eater


I am more than happy that James is happy - really pleased to know that he is with the girl he wants.

Must admit that is she does anything to break his heart I will be one of many she will have to answer to!!

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