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"Shadow Puppets"

Just a few random thoughts behind the cut - as I promised I would scribble something once I had seen it.  They will possibly seem a bit jumbled - but they are really as they occur to me now as I am typing!!

I don't usually see scary things ... in fact I only watched "Buffy" for the first time as I was at friends and was too polite to leave the room.  So this film would not have come into my possession if it weren't for James!

I did find it scary - but there again, it is not my genre, so don't know what true horror fans would have thought of it.

One thing that made me laugh was that seeing a cast only wearing underwear - that the first 2 to find clothes are the 2 with the known names!!  Can't have the real stars in only one set of clothes for a whole film can we?

Most of the plot twists were fairly plausible - although the computer guy being able to know exactly what to do was possibly stretching a point - whereas the doctor had been a bit more vague, which was more acceptable.

And - no - I didn't guess the role James had - I had heard before that I would be watching yet another of his death scenes ... and yet more damage to his heart ... although without the added benefit of saving the world this time ... LOL ... pointing to icon

I must admit that I HATED the last scene ... the speeches were too "twee" for the couple who had been through the last 24 hours!!  Speaking of which - no one even mentioned food or drink at any time - I know they were stressed, but you would think someone would have had at least some water to drink!!

Overall I did enjoy the film - although whether I would again now I know the plot is hard to say.

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