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Could Someone Lend Us Some Gas-Masks?

I'm having a good time with Mum, Dad and Jiffy.

As I posted, Jiffy had a great day for his birthday - then yesterday morning we all had a lovely walk to the sea - Jiffy and I went in padling ... photos tomorrow!  Then lunch and then in afternoon the three big-people went out to drop Mum's knitting machine in repaire and coame home via a small shopping centre, where we had an ice-cream and Dad bought some shoes.

As I pulled the car out of the car-park Mum made a comment about getting back for tea at a good time ... and I realised that while we were eating lunch I had put 2 of those half-cooked baguettes in the oven (at 220'C) ... and they were still there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

We were 50mins drive away!  So I did it in 40 ... no help if I had set the house on fire!  But the less time Jiffy had in the smell the better!  Fortuneatley I had left the windows all open as it was hot and sunny ... so other than some "slightly" overdone bread ... no harm done.

This morning we still have an aroma that can in no way be described as Chanel No 5!!


Busy day again today - so will try to sneak back later for a few minutes ... but hope you are all well and enjoy your weekend.
Tags: cooking, jiffy, mum and dad
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