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TV MEME - Day 15

Day 15 - Favorite female character

Well, yesterday I shocked no one when I decided to talk about my favourite male character ... so, today it's the turn of my favourite female character ... and shock, horror ... she is from the same show ... yes, you know, the one that contains her name in the title!
  • She is an amazing person who faces life and death situations every day, yet tries her hardest to also live a normal life.
  • Very clever - both in getting the scores she needs to go to college, but in being able to quip her way through a fight.
  • Although being willing to kill every demon she comes across, she also learns to bend those rules - first with Angel, then Spike & Clem.  However, when it comes to killing a human, she knows it is wrong - we see that with Ted, and then especially when Faith kills.
She has problems -
  • I wish that she had the support she needed to take that open attitude further - she doesn't understand Anya, and her treatment of Spike is terrible ... even though she forgave Angel. 
  • She does try to support Willow, but doesn't get the help that she really needs to be strong, until it is (almost) too late.
  • She has to cope with the death of her mother while young ... and take on caring for her sister, while breaking up with her boyfriend, and battling Gloria ... It is no suprise she had her "breakdown" in the end.
All in all, a great character - and one that has given 7 years of entertainment in it's original form ... but has now gone on to inspire artists and writers ... if for nothing else but to debate - Angel or Spike .... and we all know what the correct answer is.

Like with Spike, I must pay tribute to Sarah Michelle Geller - some of her story lines must have been hard to film ... especially those of the loss of her "innocence", the loss of her mother, and the attempted rape.

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