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Why is it hard to think of even a title this morning?

Last night was orchestra practice, as ever on a Monday ... and we have a Baroque Concert this weekend.  So were working on the music.  I and the other clarinettist are not playing for a couple of the pieces, but we have a singer, who wasn't there, so she played one of the arias ... and I did the other.

While they were rehearsing the Purcell, I actually started to get my head around one of my fics, until the conductor made a few of us choke!

He stopped the piece in a mid-section and said that the music was too loud, but not edgy enough ... he went on to say the words were about dropping a whip ... and then said it was probably proof that Purcell was into S&M ... yes, half the group choked, and half looked either lost, or shocked!

Whether it helped my inspiration for my fic, I'll have to let you see when you eventually get to read it!
Tags: fan fic, orchestra
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