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15 Word Meme

I am trying to get on with the couple of fics I should be - one is the sequal to "Helping the Helpless", which really needs a lot of answers ... and the other is a Spike~Joyce friendship one I started, and want to get finished.

Anyway, rather than doing either of them, I decided to really test my brain by doing this meme that I snagged from coalitiongirl 

1)  List 10 characters - (This is my list)

1. Buffy
2. Oz
3. Spike
4. Giles
5. Willow
6. Anya
7. Tara
8. Joyce
9. Dawn
10. Xander

2)  Write a fic of fifteen words or less for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.

The prompts - and the "answers" are below the cut:-

1. First times 1, 9 –  Buffy, Dawn
"Why a vampire, Dawn?  You didn't have to copy me and Angel."

2. Angst 7 -  Tara
"You need to work through the bad times, not do a spell to forget, Willow"

3. AU 1, 8 -  Buffy, Joyce
"Being a slayer is hard, I hope you haven't inherited the gene from me, Buffy"

4. Threesome 3, 6, 9 -  Spike, Anya, Dawn 
"When things go wrong, us non-humans must stick together." 

5. Hurt/Comfort 5, 10 -  Willow, Xander 
"I wonder if our parents will ever notice we have both left home?"

6. Crack 1 -  Buffy
"I'm going to embrace all the horrors that I find for the rest of my life".

7. Horror 10 -  Xander
As Ms French walked towards them, he realised it's bad being a virgin.

8. Baby fic 5, 9 -  Dawn, Willow 
"It's your turn to change the diaper, Willow.  After all, you offered to babysit."

9. Dark 2, 8 -  Oz, Joyce 
"I'll walk you home from the gallery, tonight."  An offer Joyce wished she had ignored. 

10. Romance 4, 8 -  Giles, Joyce
"Do we really need candy to have a fun night?".

11. Death 2, 3 -  Oz, Spike
"Why Jenny?"  Little did the wolf know, but a vampire agreed.

Wow - I managed to do it ... sort of!!!  Not 100% happy with some of the results, but will admit to being happy that I did the full set.

Tags: btvs, fan fic, meme

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