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Guess Who Has Been Exploring Again?

Yes - last Sunday night as Toni was getting ready for bed she looked out of her window to see 5 horses in fields and one horse (guess who??) on a bank between 2 fields ... yes 5 foot up in the air!

He had already, along with Smudge got out of one field earlier that day, so he was in a temporary field while fencing was being repaired ... and now ... not only in the wrong place - but on top of a Cornish hedge - which is a dividing "wall" between fields.  He had got there through more electric fencing.

So Toni has now told him - next time she is going to just tie him to the mains cable - maybe that will slow down his escape route!!  Although I somehow doubt it - as even as a foal he was never in the field he was left in!!

So - needless to say, with all this travelling around he is fat again!  Yes - he can spot long grass at 50 paces ... but at twilight, with Toni in her pj's that wasn't something she wanted to know about!!

Anyway - I met up with Ros and Cherry today and we went to the forest again.  The flies were terrible - but it was a good ride - lots, as ever to chat about!

Once home DJ had to be rinsed down before having something to eat - and back to his "diet" field ... with a whisper in his ear that it would be a good idea if he stayed put!
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