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Happy Birthday ...

I may not be seeing my namesake today - but couldn't let the day go by without wishing him a Happy Birthday ... and remembering the day, 11 years ago, when he landed, unexpecedly, into our lives.

Happy Birthday DJ

Happy Birthday Glitter Graphics

On day 1 he was a gangly black foal, who had been born through 2 rugs, to land into a wet field ... when I last saw him, he was a light paddled grey, but still an escape-artist ... and loves rolling in the mud.

The weekend before he left Devon, Toni took him to a local yard so she could watch him do some jumping, as she hadn't the facilities it was something the 2 of us hadn't done in 3 years.  So, here he is, with Toni's youngest -


But more important - here he is dressed and ready to go home ... but happy, as he's found some grass to eat!


I hope that he does have a fun day - with an extra carrot, of course.

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