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Marry ~ Shag ~ Cliff MEME

I have done this meme a few times over the last couple of years - but in the past I have either been given Spike, or James as one of the guys ... then it's easy to decide one of the catagories.

However act3scene1  was a meanie!

She gave me -

Cary Grant
Sean Bean
Kevin Sorbo


Cary Grant - an amazing actor, who was very talented - very pretty when young, yet aged beautifully.

He could say a lot with a look, or just a smile ... so, he has to be MARRY


Sean Bean - I really loved his character of Sharpe, and has a great grin.  He is a good actor, but not (IMHO) as adaptable ... so would be fun on the short term - so has to be SHAG


Kevin Sorbo - yes, I do like him as Hercules, and most of the time in Andromeda ... but he can be a bit hard going.  In some of the photos when I was looking for these, he really lets his hair go long and straggly ... not a good look ... so, all in all, over the CLIFF he goes

Yes, it was hard when I first saw the list ... sad no James to think about!  But once I started thinking on the 3, the results were fairly simple.

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