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TV MEME - Day 5

Day 05 - A show you hate

As I saw this yesterday and thought about it today I realised that I can't truly answer it!  As I am single, if I have the TV on and don't want to watch the programme, I change channels!  When I'm at Mum and Dad's I escape to Dad's pc and come surf LJ!  (They are watching Casualty as I type this!  A show I don't watch, but they recorded yesterday)

So, I suppose all I can list are the multitude of shows that I don't even turn the TV on to try -
  • Pet - Vet shows.  Lovely in lots of ways, but I'm too soft and can't cope with animals that are in pain.
  • Wildlife shows.  Beautiful photography, a combination of not being able to cope with seeing kills ... even though I know they exist.  And I am so phobic about insects that I really can't cope with any vision at all of 6 (or 8) legged "friends"
  • Horseracing.  I can't cope with seing a horse fall - I've "been there, done that" with Jaykub, and Squiffy ... don't want to watch it on the TV.
  • Soaps.  (Although the actual comedy Soap was brilliant)  I hate seeing so called real life ... mostly not very nice people trying to get one better than their neighbour.  I think one of the other things I don't like is the story lines where people seem to end up "OK" - in and out of "love" every few minutes ... my life isn't like that.  However I do know that peoples lives have actually been saved by those watching it, as they run health stories, that make people take "odd" symptoms seriously.
  • Sport.  The only sport I watch is the Oxford-Cambridge boat race.  The rest - if you want to enjoy sport ... get involved!
  • (Most) Modern Comedy.  Sorry but I just don't find it funny!
Wow - I don't like much, do I?

However if I have listed your all-time favourite genre ... Great ... that's why I love my friends.  I learn about things, have my horizons stretched in ways that I hadn't thought about in the past.

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