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TV MEME - Day 2

Day 2 - A show you wish more people were watching

It's a hard one for me to decide on today, as I watch very little TV - in that I enjoy certian things and watch over and over again. Most of the stuff I watch is what I was rec'd by friends here - so can't point you in that direction, can I?

Anyway, I've decided to share a TV series that has run over a number of years, although the last few episodes have not been as good as the first.

It is a history drama and based on novels by Bernard Cornwell, and is the Sharpe series.

This video starts with words spoken by Sean Bean the star, and then has the theme tune ... which is an adaptation of a song from slightly early historically.   The clips are all taken from the series, showing some of the stars.

If you get a chance, look out for the first 5.  They are each 2 hours long and set during The Napoleonic Wars ... brilliant stories, great costumes, and the story of a man from the ranks who is promoted to an officer in the early 1800's.

And some further details about the series here

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