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Yet Another Icon Meme

I've said it before ... I'll say it again.  I do love icons - one other plus of LJ.  It's great to have a picture to go with what I'm scribbling about ... whether as a post, or to reply to my friends.

So, yes, I bought some more space and am slowly filling it up - although I still ahve gaps to go.  It's also great to now keep my Christmas and Easter ones there all the time, without having to lose others to upload them.

Last week I opted to play this meme again - and asked jaded_jamie  to choose 6 icons for me to talk about.  He chose -



    Made by eyesthatslay 

This is just such a simple image and comment - yet sums up my faith completely.
I don't, personally like to see pictures of Jesus on the cross - but it is good to be reminded that He died on the first Good Friday.  In dying He took all the sins of us all so that God would accept his death as payment ... providing we are willing to accept Him as saviour.  I did many years ago - and in doing that I know, on my death, I will be going to Heaven.
A simple few words to describe what I believe.

   Made by alwaysjbj  from the logo of The Chiropractors' Association of Australia.

Last year I realised I didn't have any icons for use when I was talking about work - so put out a request ... and had 3 sent me, 2 of which I kept.  I really like this one - both osteopaths and chyropractors say that they treat the whole body - so to see a body made of hands is a great logo for the Australians Chyropractors to use.
Although I am no longer insured and registerd I will always be an osteopath - so the icon stays!

    Made by kazzy_cee 

Thanks Jamie - I get to talk about James!
As some of you may have guessed, I'm a James Marsters fan!  The first time I saw him and had my picture with him was the final nail in the coffin of fandom, and I asked kazzy_cee  to make me an icon, as she has made a few requests for me prior to that.  Since then I have had my phot taken with him in subsequent years ...and the icons she has made are along the side of my lj-page.  This was my favourite of the ones she did from day 2, and I have one of the other pictures from the set on my dining room wall.
I suppose it is a combination of James fandom, and always being single, means that I love having a picture of the 2 of us up on my wall.  I know James doesn't like wearing the suit, but it is lovely to have a formal picture.
Thanks James! 

    Made by kazzy_cee 

I've always loved this icon of kazzy_cee s, so when I got a chance of additional space I snagged!
I think that there is much that can be done to save the planet - but mostly it annoys me when I see litter being dropped (especially bottles) ... small things like that which have such an impact.  So although a slight joke in the comment, there is a real thought behind the phrase.

One of my many hobbies is that of visiting war graves ... weird, but true.  I have always been fascinated.  I think the first time I went to Ypres I was 17, the age of some of the graves ... it was the year my Grandfather had died, who had fought in France and Belgium from 1914 - 1918, thus the whole thing was brought home.
Commenwealth War Graves are all of a similar style, in Europe, and all contain a cross (or star of David) and their name, rank, number, age, and if wanted (at the base) a personal comment from the family.
However there are many thousands like this one (including my Granddad's best friend) - "A soldier of the Great War" ... then below the cross "Known unto God".  A sad, but fitting tribute.  Their names are then listed on memorial walls around the cemetaries.

    Made by kazzy_cee 

Come on Jamie - I'm English!
Tea nad biscuits - anyone who comes to visit, the offer is always there!  I love the look of a bone china cup and saucer - but when it comes down to it, you get more tea in a mug.
I'm truly addicted to strong tea, with full fat milk, and if I don't get a regular dose, then I am sure my brain functions every poorer than before!

So - if you would like me to chose some of your icons to talk about ... or, if there is another of my icons that you want explained, just make a note in the comments.

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