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Nature Or Nurture? ... And A General Update!

It's one of those debates that we all have over the years - I tend to think that a bit of both is true ... I see myself in both my brothers, and my parents; but also know that most of my reactions are due to my life as a teenager.

However on Saturday I was at my mum's cousins funeral and met a second cousin who I hadn't seen in years.  Nigel is 17 years older than me ... yet as we were chatting it was actually scary how alike we were!  He also made me laugh as he was sying how like his dad my mum was!  And, just before we left he answered me on mums behalf ... just before she said the exact same sentance!  So, although we have different lives and upbringing, we are so alike!

Life has been busy this morning - registering unemployed ... filling out forms ... and then a chat with Toni as she wanted to know how I was.

Later this afternoon I'm off to stay at Ros & Fred's as they are away overnight and they have an elderly dog ... so I am looking after Ben ... but no internet again!  So, I'm trying to catch up with my junk.

Hope you like the latest Souffy icon I have - sorry to say they remain as my #1 fandom (well, if you don't count James, of course) ... but wanted to say I really enjoyed the last 2 episodes of Dr Who ... I haven't really got into the series, and didn't like the angels last time - but these 2 episodes were great.  I also am enjoying Vampire Diaries, which is running the 1st season at present.

I still don't get FaceBook, though! ...  I still keep my FaceBook account so I can keep in vague touch with my teenage nephews, and a couple of cousins and RL friends.  I don't meet my nephews often and when we do they are ver non-communicative. However last time I saw them both the eldest two spoke of FB things ... so at least I now have a contact on their level - sad, but true.

I still don't like the layout, the games, etc ... but at present it stays and I ignore the rest.  Over the last few months, because I have a picture of myself with James, a lot of friends of friends of mine add me, as I am a fan of James - so loads of names that I haven't a clue about.  Another reason I like it here - I try to get to know my f-list, whether we ever get to meet in RL, or not. It's not just a way of filling some time .... even though I end up spending some time of each day here!!!

Oh well - that's me up to date - as well as having a small vent about my hate of FB!

Hope you all have a good day.

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