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I Knew I Was Having A Tough Day When ....

... I picked up the wrong bottle of milk at the supermarket!

In Britain we have -

Full fat milk - Blue lids
Semi-skimmed - Green lids
Skimmed milk - Red lids.

Now, ironically I am allergic to all but the full-fat milk ... I know just proves how weird ... umm, unique, I am!

So, as I got to the check-out I realised that the bottle I had picked up was a "purple" top.  Not only had I got the wrong one, I'm now confused, as I haven't a clue what that one is.

I then held up the queue as they had to get a supervisor to de-scan the bottle .... so all in all, a simple trip to get milk for my cuppa, became a bizarre experience.

Tags: rl, shopping
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