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Another Meme

I did this meme some time ago, but as I have seen it on dragonflylady77  and now kudagirl s LJs I thought I would start my Monday with another meme, as I finished my Sunday with one ... yes, there was one last night for those who missed it!

You have to answer the questions starting with the first letter of your "real" name ... as mine is the same as my username, it doesn't really affect me - but had to explain the rules!

1. What is your name:   Deborah
2. A four Letter Word:   Dart
3. A boy's Name:   Daniel
4. A girl's Name:   Dorcas
5. An occupation:   Dancer
6. A color:   Dove grey
7. Something you wear:   Dress
8. A food:   Dundee Cake
9. Something found in the bathroom:   De-odourant
10. A place:   Denver
11. A reason for being late:  Didn't hear alarm.
12. Something you shout:   Dad  (He does sometime live in a world of his own!!)
13. A movie title:   Dragonball (!!!) ... or to prove I can do non-James .... Dambusters. 
14. Something you drink:   Diet Coke.
15. A musical group:  Dire Straits 
16. An animal:   Dog.
17. A street name:   Downing Street. 
18. A type of car:   Dragster.
19. A song title: Dangerous ... or ... Don't Worry Son.
20. A verb:   Decide

Hope that you all have a good Monday.

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