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How Can You Tell When A Friend Is A Friend .... ?

When you get an unexpected gift on a day you need it!

Thank you jaded_jamie for the sugary treat that hopped my way - I needed that this morning.

As I have often said, I don't remember my dreams, but on the rare times I do it is usually because they have saddened me.

Last night I was dreaming about sitting in my parents lounge ... the one we had when I was a teen, yet "he" and I were the ages we are now.  We were sitting on adjoining comfy chaires, chatting.  My hand was resting on the arm of his chair, and his hand was covering mine, stroking it.  Yummy!!!

He then said ... "Let's go for a walk" ... and we were in the garden at M&D's present house preparing to walk out the the back gate ... he went to take my hand, and I said "You can't do that, Mum always told me my hands don't hang properly"

And I woke up!

The sad, but true thing is, that I have a vague recognition of her saying that in the past ... so I must have been young at the time ... but I can't ask her as she would get upset ... Mum doesn't understand my hang-ups about me!


Oh well -  I suppose that as there is no one I am likely to be in that situation with, I should put it behind me ... but as ever, truth hurts ... whether it's the truth of not being part of a couple ... or the fact that my arms hang wrong, I don't know - LOL

I am trying to be more positive, so am not going to dwell on that particualr dilemma ...

So, I had better get dressed, and wander off to the shops - otherwise "starvation" looms!

Hope you have a great day.

Thanks, again, Jamie ... Father knows what I need.

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