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Just A Busy Day Doing Not Much!

That's seems to have been my day today!

It started with a trip to the dentist as I had broken off the cap on a tooth - which had been on for 4 years.  The dentist told me that I should order a full crown as otherwise it might notice on the edge of a full grin ... So having tried to sell me on that idea, he then suggested I have the root and the remains of the tooth removed.  Which, to my way of thinking, proved that he was just trying to get a better deal from me.  I insisted that he just repaired the damage - which is what he did.  So I came out with a repaired tooth, similar to how it had been over the last 4 years - and still some money in my purse!!

On other news I then went into Mum and Dad's so that I could go to the shops with Mum and also mow their lawn - Both are things I normally do on a Saturday, but tomorrow I am escorting a student to Heathrow so can't be around.

I had to go to the shops as I needed to buy STARBURST ... yes couldn't get it locally to me.  So now I have something to read on the train home ... or just a picture to drool over !!!

Tags: dentist, torchwood
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