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Icons & Planes

This is just a quick "hi" as I am grabbing a few minutes on Dad's pc - so don't have time to check your posts, or to reply to comments - I'll catch up tomorrow ... promise.

I have glanced through these new details about the LJ icons and, I'm still confused, even though cordykitten has re-explained it all to me!   I am presuming I won't lose the 120 I have and will only "have" to renew in February when my contractis up ... but as to adding to ... well I shall again wait till I have time to try to make sense of it all.

As most of you know there are no flights here - not that it affects me, but know of people who are stuck in the wrong country ... or can't get away on their holiday.  And, sadly I know that this is effecting cryssiemarsters - so I hope that she is able to spend some of her extended trip enjoying London.

Wonder if it will still eb around next week - for James' trip to Germany.

Still on a positive note - my friend Toni was very happy to be stuck at home - she is meant to be in Spain ... but can't stand her step-daughter ... so avoids the meeting for another few months!  So, it's not all bad news - although I do feel sorry for those whose weddings etc have ended up being cancelled.

Well, I must get the washing up done!

I'll catch up proper tomorrow.

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