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Just A Couple of Jamesy Thoughts!

First I must start by posting the message that is up -

James Marsters - The Official Page

Message from James from "Down Under" - Hey everybody, having a great time down under. The Aussie fans in Brisbane were super polite and very sweet. I really enjoyed meeting them all. I doing a little R&R in Sydney - another beautiful Australian city and then off to Melbourne for f@*king fantastic last weekend in Australia. - James

It is always something I hope for ... that he gets time with his kids to really know them, and that they can get to know him ... you know that realtionship where you can be yourself, but with mutual love and respect. 

My second wish is that he will actually get a few days "holiday".  I know actors don't have holidays, they "rest" ... but it is nice to read that he is actually enjoying a mini city break.

However I am jealous!  I don't really have any wish to visit Australia (with apologies to friends) but I can remember doing a project about Sidney when I was 9, and drawing the Bridge and the Opera House, and they are 2 places I would like to see in RL!

Hope that he has a great time - and enjoys his coming weekend.

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