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An LJ Meme

Yay - my pc is repaired and I'm wireless on the internet again - had to buy another new bit, but as the whole thing is now up and running, I am not complaining (toooooo much) ... Although I have now found out that my DVD player has broken!  Not my week, is it?

So, to cheer myself up I decided to snag a meme from angearia 

My Journal's on fire and you can only save (at most) three items! What would you rescue?

As I replied to her,  I have my stories and photos backed up ... However I wrote a couple of tributes to my family , and one to James which I would hate to lose.

The replies to those, from you my friends, would also be a loss ... as would all the comments you have made to my scribbles ... and especially the love and support from you all.

So - what are your answers? 

Tags: computer, lj, meme

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