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Suicidal Rabbits!!

I got DJ in ans as I was grooming him, Toni brought in Smudge - started to get him ready, before turning him round and taking him back to his field.  He had come in missing a shoe - which Toni tried to again blame on DJ!!

So - DJ and I headed off by ourselves.

We went on our normal 2 mile jaunt - and it is a time for him to have to work hard.

we spend time on transitional work (trot/walk/working trot) ... and he was working well ... keeping into the edge of the road on a nice flowing active trot when ...




Carry on trotting 

.... And all in one stride!!

He had avoided the rabbit though, who must have come out of the hedge straight in front of his feet!!

needless to say the rest of the ride was fast - but with DJ's head kept focused on the verge rather than anything else!!

So - back home, for a feed and to get back to his field so he tell the others of his adventure ...

And, as for the rabbit - back home to write his will!!
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