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Watcombe - A Day Out

As I said, Nick and family came for the day yesterday and it was a hectic, but lovely day.

In the afternoon Jiffy and I took the visitors out for a walk to Watcombe Beach, and Woods ... while Mum and Dad made tea ... as you can see she had already made the Simnel cake ... and, yes, there are only 11 eggs around the edge.

Esater 2010

Jiffy hoping to persuade one of the boys to go and play in the garden while the washing up is being done!Esater 2010

Watcombe Woods
Esater 2010 

These caves were a Victorian Tourist Attraction - before the trees grew as tall and in sunlight (as they are south facing) they must have looked a stunning red.  That's Thomas and Joseph enjoying the extra climb.
Esater 2010 

Brenda proving she is as daring as her boys.
Esater 2010 

Nick proving that he is willing to lead his boys astray!
Esater 2010 

Guess who?
Esater 2010 

Nick, Brenda and Andrew (so with Daniel on camera duty, that's us all!)
Esater 2010 

... Not forgetting young sir!
Esater 2010 

A rare picture of Nick laughing.
Esater 2010

So, as you can see it was a great way to spend an hour.

For those who suggested photos for me to take (last week) Thank You ... you have given some great ideas and they will be up as and when I get them taken ... I will link back to the original request so that you don't miss it.
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