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Hi - And A Spuffy Link!

Computers !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I opened up this morning, having had 5 days at Mum and dads to find it crashed ... and didn't want to restart ... presumably the kicking worked as it eventually re-booted, having re-set itself ... or whatever computer jargon is!

Anyway - hope you all had a good Easter. Mine was part quiet and part hectic - Nick at al came yesterday ... so I shall have to look to see if there are any pics to share.

I didn't get my fic finished - I'm stuck on one paragraph, so i't getting there .... hope to get some time today to finish it, if not my Beta will have to see what she can make of the still jumbled sentence!

Speaking of Spuffy - if any of my f-list are Spuffy fans, but are not on jamalov29s list ... then do yourselves a favour and go here for a Spuffy A - Z treat.

Well, that's a short scriblle - and an excuse to show off my latest icon, made for me by act3scene1... I just love Cary Grant.

Tags: cary grant, icons, spuffy

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