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Just Filling A Few Minutes!

I am meant to be checking some stuff - both for Mum (her jigsaw edge doesn't want to fit!) ....But as I hadn't done any of those BlogThing meme's I thought I would play - so there are a couple below the cut -

What Fruit I should smell of -
Where I should go on Honeymoon -

You Should Smell Like Lemon

You are honest and real. You don't shy away from being yourself, even if it's a bit hard to swallow.

You are refreshingly truthful and direct. You do have flaws, and you don't even try to hide them.

You are happiest when you are around people who truly get you. It takes a while for you to make a stranger a friend.

You have a very unique personality. You have a dark sense of humor that only certain people get.

I may not be planning on getting married ... being single means it's not on the plans, but at least I know where I will be going for the Honeymoon ... Whos says I can't plan ahead?

You Should Honeymoon in the USA!

You and your sweetie want a fun filled honeymoon, without a lot of stress or hassle.

You want to kick back and enjoy your time together. You don't want to have to worry about food poisoning or learning a new language.

The USA is the perfect spot for you... whether you're kicking it in Vegas, Disneyworld, or even Hawaii.

From spas to amusement parts to cities and beaches, no other place can offer you so much variety!

Oh well I really ought to get on ... I am actually working on a fic at present, so need to re-read after the hard work my "brave" Beta has done for me.

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