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Colour MEME

Although I'm colour-blind I still decided to do lupina78 s meme -

Comment if you'd like a color. Then list ten things that you like/love which are that color.

She gave me the colour BLUE -

1)  My present car is bright blue ... as was my first car that I had for 8 years.
2)  My camera bag is Navy Blue.
3)  My first bridesmaids drss is royal blue - as it is a formal wear style, I have worn it since at a couple of orchestra events.
4)  The Bible I was given by my Chapel when I was baptised has a mid blue cover.
5)  My dressing gown I wear here is big and fluffy, and bright blue ... lovely and warm in the mornings (especially as I wear the same nightclothes as Marilyn Monroe ... but without the Chanel)
6)  I have a bright blue cover on a photo album that I had from a college friend for my 40th - it has some final pictures of Jaykub, as well as my condolence cards in it.
7)  The first time I went to Milton Keynes I bought a blue book (with white floweres on it) to bring home a certain photograph ... since then I've got more photos added of the same 2 people!
8)  The t-shirt I bought to go to London this February is light blue with white and silver ... in other words, the one I bought to have my photo taken in ... with a certain actor.
9)  The blue sky on a beautiful day.
10)  The sea - in all it's varity of colours.
11)  And, finally, one more for luck -  "Lullaby Baby Blue" is a lovely song I have heard James sing in Union Chapel.  One of the few he hasn't written, but one he sang to his son every night.

That was harder than I expected.

I just hope this posts this time - LJ swallowed my last attempt!

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