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Oh No - Not More Jiffy!

Well, I did warn you I had been busy with the camera - so you get a double set of pictures.

Hers is the young man over this last weekend -

March 2010

He was out with me helping me photograph the flowers ... so, you get 2 for the price of 1 here -
March 2010

And here -
March 2010

He decided to pack up before I did -
March 2010

Recovering from all that hard work -
March 2010

What he thought about putting the clocks forward ... he always comes to my room in a morning, today, he cuddled up and went back to sleep -
March 2010

This afternoon we went out for a walk in the rain, and he is now showing that my bed can multi=task ... as a towel -
March 2010

He's caught in the act -
March 2010

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