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My Life Album

I've always said that I am a Cole Porter fan ... and I am.  Nothing will change that fact.

However when I got in this afternoon I decided to play my clarinet for 10 mins and played from a book of Gerwsin show tunes.  I tend to find it very "fussy", but today realised that I was playing my theme album .... As I played -

1)  But not for me (They're playing songs of love, but not for me)
2)  I got plenty o' Nothing
3)  I'll build a stairway to Paradise
4)  The Man I love (Some day he'll come along, the man I love)
5)  Nice work if you can get it
6)  Oh, Lady be good
7)  Someone to watch over me
8)  They can't take that away from me
9)  Rhapsody in Blue

I did play a couple of others, including Summertime, which is one of my favourite melodies;  but all in all after depressing myself with my album list, I decided to give up and switch the Harry Potter film back on!!

Hope you are all having a good weekend.  earlier I was out with my camera - so expect pictures on Monday!
Tags: clarinet, cole porter, gerswin, personal
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