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The Ten MEME

Yay - Monday morning again!  And, why am I happy ... I have a meme to start the week that I snagged from my youngest friend, kaczurda 


1. Are you single? - Yes.
2. Are you happy? - I'm pretty OK at present.

3. Are you bored? - No.
4. Are you naked? - No I'm wearing cord jeans and a turquoise jumper ... and undies!
5. Are you a blonde? - Was born white blonde ... now just white!!!  Well, I cheat to go brown!
6. Are you moody? - A bit - but I never, ever sulk ... I will be upset, but within seconds that's over.
7. Are you a lover/hater? -  I take an instant hate to someone ... is that what they're asking .... It's monday morning here, how am I meant to undersatnd obscure questions?
8. Are you hot/cold? - I feel the cold .... so I need to really move and live somewhere warm ... and on the coast ... any suggestions ... offers??
9. Are you Irish? - No.
10. Are you Asian? - No

1. Name – Deborah.
2. Nicknames – Debris.
3. Birth mark – None.
4. Hair color – Mid brown.
5. Natural hair color - Grey/brown.
6. Eye color - Blue.
7. Height - about 5"6".
8. Facebook Mood - FB doesn't have moods lol - I left the answer in, as I thought the same!!! 
9. Favorite color - Green.
10. One Place to Visit - USA ... again.

1. Do you believe in love at first sight? – Yes.
2. Do you belive in soul mates? - Yes.
4. Have you ever been hurt emotionally? - Yes .... who hasn't?
5. Have you ever broken someone’s heart? - No.
6. Have you ever been cheated on? - No.
7. Have you ever liked someone and not told them? Yes.
8. Are you afraid of commitment? - No.
9. Who was the last person you hugged? – Jiffy .... when I left Mum and Dad's last night!


1. Love or lust? - Love.
3. Cats or dogs? – Dogs.
4. A few best friends or many regular friends? - A few best friends.
5. Television or internet? - Bit of both.
6. Chinese Or Indian? - Chinese ... no contest.
7. Wild night out or romantic night in? - Romantic night in ... Maybe one day!
8. Money or Happiness? - Happiness.
9. Night or day? - Night.
10. MSN or phone? - Phone. 

1. Been caught sneaking out? - I have never sneaked out.
2. Been skinny dipping? - No ... But maybe one day!!!
3. Stolen? - No.
4. Bungee jumped? - No.
5. Lied to someone you liked? - Yes - but only once or twice, and always for a reason.
6. Finished an entire jaw breaker? - I used to love them when I was younger!
8. Wanted an ex bf/gf back? - Don't have any to want back!
9. Cried because you lost a pet? - Oh yes - I still miss Perry, Misty ... Jaykub (and DJ)
10. Wanted to disappear? – I tend to be quite "quiet" ... so almost do from time to time!

1. Smile or eyes? - Eyes - I do love a twinkle in the eye! 
2. Light or dark hair? - Always been a sucker for darker colours.
3. Hugs or kisses? - Kisses because they're more intimate. I hug everyone but I don't kiss everyone - Again I am sticking with Kerri's answer!    But, if I ever meet anyone, I do hope to have both! 
4. Shorter or taller? – Taller.
5. Intelligence or attraction? - Both!  No if it has to be one, I prefer someone who has varying interests ... great to chat to them 
6. Romantic or spontaneous? - Hard to think, never having been in a relationship - but I suppose either/or would be good, as they are both important.  But, if one, then it would be romantic ... I'm old fashioned at heart. 
7. Funny or serious? - Funny.
8. Older or Younger? - With my age - either!! 
9. Outgoing or quiet? - As I'm quiet, he would have to be outgoing! 
10. Sweet or Bad Ass? – The Spike style - appears a bad guy, but really a sweetheart underneath. 

1. Ever performed in front of a large crowd? - In orchestra's yes, at Church carol services yes! 
2. Ever done drugs? - No ... only alcohol.
3. Ever been pregnant? - No.
5. Ever been on a cheer leading team? - No.
6. Ever Been on a dance team? - I can't dance at all.
7. Ever been on a sports team? - Only our fencing club - but with few members it was more a case of who was available!
8. Ever been in a drama play/production? – No way!.
9. Ever owned a BMW, Mercedes Benz, Escalade, Hummer or Bentley? - No ... Peugeot, 2 Fords and now a Chevrolet.
10. Ever been in a rap video? LOL.

1. Last phone call you made – Mum - last night to say I got here!
2. Last person you hung out with - Mum and Dad yesterday
4. Last time you worked - Gave mum some treatment over the weekend.
5. Last person you tackled - Jiffy!
6. Last person you IM’d - My nephew Andrew.
8. Last person(s) you went to the movies with – Claire - to see Dragonbal!!!!!
9. Last thing you missed - A phone call from Toni over the weekend. 
10. Last thing you ate - Breakfast ... kiddy cereal, and tea 

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