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A Head-Tilt That Spike Would Have Been Proud Of ...

Yes, that's how DJ stood as I walked across the field towards him.  I guessed he was up to something - but wasn't till I got there I realised what it was!!

No head-collar!

Not all horses (in England) are left in head-collars for safety reasons - but DJ lives in fields that are overlooked both by Toni's house as well as neighbours - so all of her horses wear head-collars ... well not this morning.  

So he stood watching me walk towards him, with just a rope in my hands ...

Sadly, fo him, he had forgotten that I had been well trained by Toni - and had worked in stables ... so I can make a temporary head-collar ... and thus led him out of his field.  I could almost hear Smudge sniggering behind us!!

So - he went into his box - and I went back to the field to find it!  The furthest corner was where I started - yes, good choice!  As that is where it was - with one of the clips snapped in two!  So I got back and got some string to repair it - so that he had something to wear again.

I win!!!  DJ lost!!!!

Toni brought Smudge in and we just went round the easiest block, as Toni has a really bad cold.  Still it was great to be out - in the sunshine, even though that also meant the flies were also out and about.

Once home - a feed, a carrot (does he deserve it!) and then back out to his field - wearing his repaired head-collar - What story he will tell the others is anyones guess!
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