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Evening Out

I'm trying to be more preoactive about normal posts - so hope I don't bore you all!  Anyways ...

Yay - I actually went out for the evening - got caught up with 2 local friends, who I have known for 15 years .... and old them about the fact I was giving up my practice -

Chris was very much interested ... wanted to know why, what etc,
Sharon was typical ... Oh, OK ... then was talking about her day.  She has beena  great friend over the years, but tends to live in her own world!

Still, it was good to tell them, and say that it is still private news.  I hope to catch up with Chris at some point soon so I can have a proper chat!

We had a crisp eating evening!  It is how we used to spend our Thursdays - fencing, then back to Sharon's ... now we try to meet up about every 2 - 3 weeks to watch a TV series through.  At present we are watching "North and South" ... great series, from 2 good books (sadly I don't like the third as well).  Before we watched that though, Sharon (in typical) style decided I needed to see a film, which she and Chris had seena  few weeks back when I couldn't go ... I had been warned it was terrible, and Chris had hated it, but I wasn't allowed to miss it ... So Chris had to see it again ... and all I can say is that "terrible" was an understatement.  I'm sorry but I think it was the worst way to spend 100 minutes that I could think of ... The film - Meet The Spartans   Luckily we watched it first - so finished with N&S!!

As we left, we were still debating how many stars would have been on the Union Flag ... so now off to google that fact!

Hope you all had a good evening!

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