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The 5 Thing Meme - Again!

I am meant to be writing letters this afternoon, buthaving spent some time looking at job and work related sites on the internet, I decided to take a few minutes to do this meme, which although I had done before ... well, you know me, I'm doing it again!

1. Reply to this meme by yelling "my name is the master", and I will give you five words that remind me of you.
2. Then post them in your journal and explain what they mean to you.
3. Keep in mind that if I don't know you that well, your words might end up kind of odd or weird. If I do know you, your words will maybe probably be weird.

So, I replied to lupina78  ... and here is the list (as she typed them) -

1. Jiffy
2. Instruments
3. Horses
4. James Marsters (you know he has to be in all of your memes) *smile*
5. United Kingdom

1. Jiffy
Mum and Dad have had dogs since I was a teenager - spaniels, and when Misty died, Dad said "no more" as he was then approaching 80.  However the house seemed quiet, so they decided to have a smaller breed, and wrongly thinking they would be quiet!  Jiffy chose them - as they wanted a girl, but he came and made a fuss, and clung on ... so home he came.
He has been great for Mum and Dad, even though he manages to annoy them at some point most days.  He won't let Dad miss a walk, we won't let Mum miss a meal or evening play.  He is nosy, busy ... but one very happy boy, who thinks that humans have one purpose in life ... to make a fuss of him! 

2. Instruments
I played clarinet a bit as a kid, as I can't sing (my brothers can) ... but never really learnt much ... group lessons don't work if you are quiet!  When I moved to Bude in 1986 someone at the Church heard we had all learnt something in the past, and turned up 2 days later with music - panic!!!!!  So, I decided that as they had worked out the music the least I could do is dig out the clarinet and play!  A year later I joined what is now the orchestra ... we wer 8 players who played easy music for fun - until someone asked us to play at a care home!  I have been lucky to learn to play along with the orchestra growing ... we now play complicated music, and although a challenge, it is one I enjoy.
I have played in a couple of bands as well - one of which was 80% military ... and really helped me learn to relax while playing.
I had always wanted a sax, and about 10 years ago my aunt was left some money which she didn't want - and gave it to her 5 "kids" ... I had the exact money for a sax ... Nick and Tim just spent theirs on bills.  I'm glad I have that ... both to be able to play, but also as a legacy from Auntie Mary.

3. Horses
Every girl wants a pony as a kid - I lived in greater London, so no way could I ride.  When I was 21 I was run over (yes my bike accident) and damaged my pelvis, so things like horses seemed a long lost thought.  I moved to Bude and live opposite a stable.  There the owner asked my advice about a race horse, and I sat on a horse for the first time, as payment.  I had a few rires, fell off a few times, but loved it.  Then after a gap of a year, Toni asked my advice about an elderly pony at her stables and I had a pony ride as payment ... so at 35 I made the mistake of asking if I could ever learrn to ride ... she made the bigger mistake of saying yes!  The rest is history.
Horses are amazing animals - and so aware of their rider - they will care for you, or tease you ... but I can honestly ay the few times I have really needed a horse to look after me when I've been riding, they have.  They care for each other as well - the mourning they go through can be horrific.   All in all stunnig creatures however, I still have a healthy respect for their size and strength - LOL

4. James Marsters
How can I sum up James?  I did a whole post about why I am a fan, last month.
He is a great actor, a friendly person, a loving father and energetically committed to whatever he is involved in at the time.
As a fan I have much to appreciate in him, but like many, he has led me to do things I would never have thought about doing before I saw 1/2 an episode of BtVS.
All I can say is that my greatest hope for him is that he is happy, and loved ... he deserves it. 

5. United Kingdom
This is actually the hardest as the UK is England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales ... and I have only been to 2 of those countries!
I call myself English, but I love the diversity that is within the UK ... and would love to visit both Ireland and Scotalnd at some point.
We are so lucky here in that we have history and heritage down every road, every village has something dating back centuries.  There are local traditions and hobbies that date back so far, no one really knows where they come from.
Sadly this spread of interests has meant that we are running out of space - but it means that we are always near something of interest to someone.
"God Save The Queen!"

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