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Wednesday Is Here Again!

... and I ended up going "up the road and back" ... on a pushbike!

Roz phoned last night and said she and Toni weren't going far, so why didn't I borrow her bike!  So, I decided to give it a go!

Wow, bikes are wobbly!  And hard work, even though I was on level ground - and I decided horses are easier to steer!

But it was good to be out and get some fresh air, although sad without DJ.

I realised, as I got on, that I hadn't been on a bike in 25+ years!!!!  And back in 1982 I was run over while on one - so my previous experience was a long time ago, and not good ... but not one to say no to a challenge, I went ahead!

It was weird, and sad, but I am glad I did it!
Tags: cycling
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