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Just Time For A Quick Fangirl Squeeeeeeeee!

Haven't been able to get to the computer much over the last couple of days as I have Mum, Dad and Jiffy staying - a proper report, and evn some pics later tonight or tomorrow ... You have been warned!

But I have 5 minutes now - so turned on ... and great news is being linked up on Facebook ...

James Marsters - The Official Page

Exclusive Scoop: Aloha fans! James is winging his way to Hawaii to join the cast of CBS's HAWAII FIVE-O Pilot. He will be guesting as the nemesis of lead character Jack McGarrett. (This will not affect his appearance at San Francisco's WonderCon.)

So, time for a squeeeeeeee, before getting organised for the day!

Tags: james, mum and dad, squeee
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