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It Sounds As If He Has Found Heaven!

I had an answer from Stacey, late last night as to how DJ is settling into his new surrounding.  Even though he is on a month's trial, it looks as if he has found his new home.

I have copied and pasted her answer, both so I can keep it (!), as well as so you can see it yourselves -

DJ is proving to be an absolute star and i feel he has a whole family very much in love with him already.
The mother rode him in a floodlit arena with massive mirrors around two sides and he seemed to be very impressed with what he saw - reflection wise! wasnt phased or spooked, so the little boy ( 7 i think) go on to walk, trot and canter.....even though the little boy has only just learned to canter!

He was used today in a small group lesson and was again a star! He spent the afternoon scoffing hay! I think the mother plans to do a little shopping this weekend for him!

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