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Is This The Last?

Yes, that is the question of the morning.

There is someone coming to see DJ tomorrow, so this morning may have been my last ride.

However, the weather was stunning - and DJ sparkled, as he had a bath over the weekend, and has since been wearing his rug.  That means he glows, but also this cold weather has not been so bad for him.  I took some more photos - and as you can see, this is him looking smart (and warm) first thing this morning.


We met up with Roz and her new, as of yet, un-named horse, and along with Toni and Junior we just went "up the road and back".  It was a lovely morning - the sky today is bright, and although cold, it's one of those days you are glad to be part of.

Once back, Toni walked with me to the land, and I rode DJ round a couple of tracks, although it was too hard for a proper canter, but I took him over a couple of jumps, which was lovely.

Then back to his box for a snack, a carrot ... and then (along with some hay) back to his field.

Very sad to see, but he looked truly stunning standing in the sun munching his hay.

I now wait till tomorrow evening to find out if he is sold!

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