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Bible Thoughts To Start The Week

As you know, if you read my rambles, I am reading from The Message in the morning.

Today one verse, in Romans 8, lept out at me :-

"Nothing fazes us because Jesus loves us."

So, why do I keep going round in circles?  One verse sums up my faith!

Yesterday we started our servive with a verse I knew very well, as it is the motto verse of The Crusadors, who I was a member of from age 12 - 18.

"Let us run with patience, the race set before us.
Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith"

Dear God,
Help me to always remember to focus my eyes on you and not get distracted by things around me.
Help me to focus, and ignore distractions ... especially "that" one (you know what I mean)
Help me to focus on your eternal love,
Thank you
Love Deborah

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