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10 Things I Love Beginning With M ....

I have just had a patient not turn up, then have a gap, and as my 2 fics I am working on are on my Bude pc and I am in Plympton, mabel_marsters  gets a gap before she has some more work to do, and I get to meme!

BTW - I have just confirmed with Mike that next Friday will be my last Friday in Plympton - another step on my ladder of change!

Anyway - so to the meme -

Comment to this entry and I'll give you a letter. List ten things that you love that begin with that letter and then post that list on your journal.

And sweetgirl7808  gave me the letter - M

1 - Marsters, James

Come on, who was suprised - my #1 love listed as James!!

2 - Music

I love a lot of different music, not just James stuff.  I love 40's, 60's, some 20's ... especially Cole Porter, some classical ... especially Beethoven.  I hope I'm not a musical snob, as I will listen to at least one piece of any genre; and I'm not worried if classical music is played on a keyboard, or The Beach Boys played bu a symphony orchestra.

However I do like to hear a tune, listen to words, not just tap my foot to the beat.

3 - Marmite

In England you have a Love it - Hate it theory about the stuff.  I love it, and it is really healthy to have, which to me is an added bonus.

4 - Moonlight

The TV series was short, but lovely.  The only sad thing about it was that I thought I was a one-vampire woman ... but I do like both Mick and Jacob!

5 - M*A*S*H, the series

I started watching this when it first came to England as it was on late on a Staurday and as a teen I was always baby-sitting.  However I loved the show - a combination of great characters with a long running story line, as well as week to week dramas based on RL stories.  Great humour, but some really tragic scenes.

As I have admitted I once changed the date of a church business meeting, as before videos I didn't want to miss a season finale!  When the last episdoe was due to be showm#n I went and bought our frist video machine!  I then found it clashed with the date of our 6 month college reunion - 20 people were meeting for a meal, and guess what, they changed the date before I asked them as they knew I wouldn't want to miss it.  And, yes I wept!!!!!

6 - Marx Brothers

I grew up watching them.  Their slapstick humour was fun - and as I grew older I just loved some of their dialogue ... truly great.

7 - Milk

I love full fat, ice cold milk.

8 - Mum

She may drive me to distraction from time to time, but I do love her ... and all she is.

9 - Message, The

It is a modern paraphrased verion of The Bible that I am at present reading every morning.  After years of reading my Bible, it is amazing how a version like this can bring well known passages to life.

10 - Moon

Not that IO have a telescope or anything, but I love seeing it, day or night.  And am of an age that I remember standing in my back garden to look up at the moon afetr watching the TV show Neil Srmstrong and Buzz Aldrin step there.  So, back to my #1, it was great to watch James recreate that, and to see it with Mum and Dad.

It also started me on my love of Sci Fi ... watching Blakes 7, Start Trek etc.

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