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Hail The Conquering Hero!

It may be a Wednesday, and the sun was out, but as I got DJ in from his field, it was with the knowledge that we were by ourselves this morning.  Ros is still without a horse she wants to ride, and Toni was grandchildren-sitting.

As I arrived at his field "sir" was lying down - lovely to see him relaxed, except for the fact the field is a quagmire at present - so one wet boy!  Still he stood up and strolled across to meet me about 1/2 way across the field, had his carrot and then walked in to the yard ... ready for carrot #2 (of course!)

I then gave him as much of a groom as I could - being wet and muddy makes like hard, but once he was clear of muck around the areas that rub I tacked him up and we headed off up the road.

After crossing the main road, we just went on our normal trip, and he was a good boy - he didn't spook at his oily patch ... not at all the road signs which seemed to be on each corner, warning of road works.  I kept him at a walk and a trot - so he had to focus, and again when the diggers started he didn't falter, nor when we came round a corner and there were all the flashing lights in the distance. 

However I decided to play it safe, and after taking him a bit further we turned round and headed home.

All in all - a really good boy - well deserving of an extra carrot, before being able to go back to his field in triumph of a job well done.
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