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Our Fourth Anniversary!

Yes - it was 4 years ago today that I got back from Church to receive a phone call from Toni that she had to have my Jaykub put to sleep.  He was only 10, but had broken his front leg.

My parents drove me and my car half way home and met Toni and her husband who took me back to their place for the night.  When we got there she took me out to see her horses - to begin the slow healing process ... but also to tell me that she was giving me DJ on permanent loan.

So I reminded him this morning that he had been with me for 4 years - and the look he gave me was really one of horror!

We went out with Toni and Badger - not going far.  But 27th July is a tough day for us both - so it was just good to ride.  

The weather was great - for a few minutes!!  So we could just potter up the road and back, having a good chat!
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