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Long And Lovely

As I walked, or should I say crunched through the ice, to collect DJ this morning it was very foggy, so did wonder if we would be able to get out.

However by the time Toni came out to groom Smudge it was clearing - so as the "4" of us set off it was looking good.

We had a marvellous ride, for over 2 hours, going through some woods, and paddling in a stream ... where the boys had a drink.  Then back round in a huge circle never once re-tracing our steps.

The weather was great, and Toni and I chatted about ... well ... anything and everything.

The only regret I have about my changes in life are that I shall be moving away from Toni, and having to give up regular riding.  Toni has been, and is, an amazing friend, and although I know we will never lose that, the change from just chatting as we did this morning to whatever the future brings will hugely affect us both.

However, days like today are also to be remembered, stored up, so in the future the sun on the trees, riding DJ and chatting with Toni - special memories.

DJ was quite hot when we got back - so he stayed in for a time, eating a bit of hay before having his lunch and a carrot and back to his field.  It meant that I could help Toni move some gates ... and then we had a cup of coffee, to help thaw us out!
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