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Handwriting MEME

I said yesterday that I had snagged a couple of memes from lupina78 ... well here is the second one:-

 Handwriting Meme

1. Your username.
2. Right-handed or left-handed.
3. Favorite number to write.
4. Least favorite letter to write
5. "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
6. The following words in capitals: CRAB, HUMOUR, KALEIDOSCOPE, PYJAMAS, GAZILLION
7. Favorite lyrics or the last thing someone said to you.
8. The following words with your less dominant hand: Apple, Dictionary, Hamstring, Lampshade
9. Do you mix capital letter and lowercase letters?
10. Do You cross your t's and dot your i's & j's?
11. Name someone with awesome handwriting.
12. In school: could your teachers understand your handwriting? did you use correct pen-grip? did you get your "pen-license"?


Now, I just have to hope that none of you are experts and that I am completly mad!

Tags: meme, personal

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