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Why I'm A Fan!

Most of you know me pretty well ... but there are still some of my RL friends who wonder why I spend a weekend travelling to London to see an American ... Yes, someone I know asked me that yesterday ... so, here is the gist of my answer!

Yes, I agree James is American, and yes, I travel to see him ...

But, I also travel to meet friends - Some of whom I have now known a few years, and look foreward to seeing.  There are many of you who will be reading this I would love to meet, and was sad to know that I missed seeing 2 of you this time ... Next time, we must meet!

I also love meeting new people - having new friends.  I met 3 lovely people this year, 2 of which will now be reading this. 

Becoming an active fan has given me friends all over the world -

Thank You James.

Until I fell into BtVS fandom, via a love of Spike, I hadn't realised how affected I would become!  However in being involved, I hadn't realised how many positive things would come out of this "addiction".

Schooling, as most of you know, was a problem, with the bullying, and by being always reminded that I was no good at English.  Yet in wanting to re-write the end of BtVS I discovered that I could think, I could scribble together a coherant story ... and since then I have continued to write.  For those of you who wonder, yes, I owe 2 people drabbles, but am working on a couple of other stories at present ... But I am going to get them all done, and keep writing.

Thank You James.

Most of you have probably been to concerts and gigs ... yes, I have been to a few concerts, after all I play in an orchestra, and used to be in 2 bands.  So, I have performed at concerts ... but never sat in the audience.  Yes, I have been to some gigs - all of which are James-gigs.  I had never been to anything until I travelled up to London to hear him at Union Chapel ... since then I have returned, although only to hear him!  But, it is something new and different - for me, anyway!

Thank You James.

Most of you will find it hard to believe, but I have never gone away by myself, done things etc, that I knew my parents wouldn't be happy with.  at 48 it seems weird - but this year brought another first ... making a decision to go to London on a Sunday, which I knew they were incredibly upset about. 

My personal faith was something I had to deal with as I made the decision, but Mum (especially) will not accept that I went against their thoughts.  So, for the first time ever, I stood my ground, and got the ticket ... and had an amazing time.

Thank You James.

Then I see the smaller things of life - like most people I refused to have my picture taken, but the chance to meet James meant I had to stand the other side of the camera ... even if I am not always happy with thepics, it's a start ...

Now, if only I could manage to speak to him as well ... although Toni did laugh and say she would love to meet James, for one reason only - He must be somone special that can make me shut up completely!!!!


I said in the title that I was writing why I was a fan - and I have put a few personal thoughts.

However I am also a fan because I appreciate James. 

I do love his songs, it is a style of music I have always liked, and I love how his songs are personal, about people and places ... because they mean something to him, that comes across in the perfomance - and we get to hear that.

The first time I saw James was in season 7 Buffy - "Lies" ... I walked into my lounge to watch one actor portraying a Victorian Gentleman, then as easily a sad punk (not knowing the story!) ... I watched his face change to sadness as he looked at one of the other stars ... Wow!  I have since watched almost all his other performances, and this ability to portray his feelings shine through for all to watch.

To see him move, know he does his own stunts - a great performance.

I have seen him have a group in histerics with a performance of Spike, then of Cap't Jack (last year in Masterclass) and I have seen a group in shocked silent tears after a performance (this weekend) ... He brings us into the story, he makes us part of it.

As a fan I love those brief moments I spend with him (even if I can't speak at the time) - he gives you 101% of his focus.  For those seconds he gives the impression that you are the most important person on the planet.  That is a very special gift he has ... and I hope he knows how much we all appreciate it - For many, myself included, that is something that is missing in our lives, a lot of the time.  That warmth he gives is beautiful ... but him willing to give that to is is a very special present.

Thank You James.

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