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Wednesday - Sunny, But Very Cold

As I walked out to get DJ this morning I was already feeling the cold get into my toes ... not a good sign that early.

He called to me, which was lovely and when I replied he trotted up to the gate, which was even nicer, and stood waiting for me to open it ... and give him his carrot!

We walked in and then he had a little bit of hay, before having a groom - and had to listen to me telling him about my weekend!!!!!!!!

Toni came out, but was not happy (due to personal problems) and we chatted while she tacked up Smudge, and Roz arrived (on her bike).  We then got on and started up the road, noting we would have to keep our eyes open for ice. 

After about 5 miinutes, Toni decided to return home, so Roz, DJ and I carried on ... up towards the small block that we often do.

All I can now say is that DJ was a star ... it's hard for horses when one returns home like that, add to that there seemed quite a few lorries around ... but he was one good boy.  We even managed a couple of short canters, which was great - oth because it seemed ages since we had done one, but also that he listened to what I was telling him to do.

The back towards home ... DJ had to listen to my weekend adventures again, as I was chatting to Roz, but it didn't seem to worry him too much!

Then back home, a bit more hay, a feed, another carrot ... and back to his filed .... His halo firmly in place!

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