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Love Hearts - Day 2 ... Getting There!

Last night left me on a high (which I had expected) ... but was stunned at how awake I was ... in other words, no sleep at all!

In the morning, shower, dress .... put on shoes (which is hard around a sore foot ... and, of course, I had to injure the foot that was uninjured last month, so now both are complaining!) ... still I got ready and out, via McD's again and off to Notting Hill ... and then tooka  wrong turn walking to the event.  So, even more footsore, I got to The Tabernacle at about 11.15am.  Great to chat to more people - and begin to get excited as to the day ahead.

James arrived looking stunning in a suit.  I know he prefers T-shirts and jeans (he said so later at the Q&A), but he looked gorgeous ... and looks relaxed as well.  So the morning was finishing well!

We then had our tickets checked off, and found out that we were sitting at tables ... spikereader  and I were at table 3, which was centre right of the stage ... great placing.  I again that Carolyn for getting the tickets - she did a great job!  If you didn't see the ttable centres, then you can see the picture here.  We all had a red rose, 4 badges ... and a small packet of love hearts!

We were then told about the event - first off would be the photo ops .... and so the day had started!


And, in the top left of the building is James doing the photos -


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