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Love Hearts - Day 1 ... Photo

As most of you know I have a problem speaking to James .... as soon as I get close to him, I completely clam up. So, I decided to have another picture !!   How about that as a good excuse for spending more money!  No, seriously, my theory was that if I saw him on Day 1, by Day 2, I might be able to speak!

I queued with luckster25  ... and I think chatting to her helped my normal panic subside slightly! 

He greeted me with a handshake, and a hug, and I was actually able to speak to him ... to thank him for playing my favourite song.  Great to actually be able to chat.

The photo was, as ever fun ... mainly as Froggy had to have 3 attempts to get the image .... longer for the hug.

I left him with another hug, and the personal hope that the picture would be half-way decent!  Now, you can judge for yourself -


The other great thing about this picture is my t-=shirt! Tim and Claire bought it for me in 2003 when Jaykub died ... I have never worn it, as I didn't want it damaged. So, now I get a reasonable photo of me, a gorgeous photo of James ... and the t-shirt "saved"

So, my 2 special men are kept together -

Thank you James ... R.I.P. Jaykub

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