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Love Hearts - Day 1 ... Getting Ready For The Gig!

As ever, before I start the details, let me say that I had a brilliant weekend - but tiring, as once I get sorted the adrenaline switches on, and sleep switches off ... and I haven't yet come down to earth.  So, if there are any glaring mistakes, let me know, as brain and keyboard my not be connecting!

That said and done - let me get on with the saga!

I left Mum and Dad's (only being seen off by a startled Jiffy)  at 6.50am, and drove to my brother Tim's house in Exeter ... fortunately for me he is an early riser, so as I got there at 7.45am he had already been up some time.  He drove me to Exeter coach station, as my bus left at 8.15 ... and with the command to -

"Have a great time .... Knock yourself out"

I headed off.  I did think Tim shouldn't have said such a thing - anyone who knows me, knows I can do that easily (more about that in a minute!)

The journey up was good - and listening to James on my mp3 got the squeeeee increasing!  We got to London slightly early and I made my way to the hostel in Picadilly where I have stayed previously.  What a muddle that was - the person in fron tof me had their credit card refused ... the person in front of them was arguing that they had payed for tonight, but had been asked to vacate their room.  Neither person spoke brilliant English ... so needless to say it was a wait, and in a very warm room!

Once I got there it was easy, given my key, settled, sorted out and headed back out again towards the tube (via McD's!)  They had some closures over the weekend, so I went to Notting Hill Gate Station ... and, yes ... fell up the steps!  What I hadn't noticed was I twisted my left foot (JamesFog is great for that!)!!!!

I then walked to The Taberacle ... and then worry set in.  was I at the correct place?  The correct day?  There wasn't a queue - where was everyone.  So, I decided to take a deep breath and go in to ask if I was in the correct place (some of you may not know it but that is high on my list of "no way" tasks!)  As I walked in - there was the queue!  Yay, I could breath again.  The venue were really great - they let us sit inside, use the loo (and the bar) ... but if we wanted to bring our own food from the mini-mart next door they were equally happy!

We had a virtual queue formed ... but the main thing was the joy of getting a chance to chat to friends I already knew, as well put some faces to names.  All in all a great way to spend an afternoon ... especially as we got to see James arrive (well, Steve and Froggy came as well ... but ... !!!! 

Soon it came time to get ourselves "stamped" ... but as ever there was a bit of a muddle there, with some people getting annoyed with the virtual queue.  Those who had got there by 9am to be sure of a good place were upset ... although by the time we got in they were in the front ... and I ended up near the front .... and got chatting with some more new friends .... one of whom was a Newbie, who had actually come over from The Netherlands just for the evening.  I also got chatting to luckster25  who had dragged her boyfriend along ... a great way for her to celebrate a belated 21st birthday. 

Steve then came on stage and read out the winning poems from the JMLive competition.


Then .... James came on stage! 

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