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Well, it will be tomorrow!

Yay, I leave Mum and Dad's early tomorrow - and am not yet organised.  Part of the trouble is deciding how many layers of clothes I need!

I also have tried to keep the squeeeeeeeeee and bounce down ... so I don't panic my RL friends!

Now I have the next panic - will the camera work & will I get decent photos?  Will I actually manage to speak to James?  Will the photo ops look like I hope ... or will I be pulling a weird face!

But - overall the squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee is building!

So. I am (sort of) signing off now to spend a few minutes playing tug-of-war with Jiffy ... and then to finally pack ... trying not to have that silly "Have I forgotten anything" panic.

See you all Monday ... or Tuesday at the latest.

Although, some I will be seeing soon.
Tags: 2010, james, london, love hearts, squeee
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