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He Was A Good Boy -

He must have been making up for his adventures on Saturday!!

It was pouring all morning - but Ros and Cherry came up to meet DJ and myself and we headed off towards the forestry.  It was too wet to go anywhere for a canter - but we did our 6 mile walk/trot circuit and had a chance to chat ... Well I think she had to cope with hearing a lot about James!

Ros has a feeling that Cherry may be in foal - so that is something unexpected.  So we may he hearing "the patter of tiny hooves" at some point - I will let you know!

DJ was great, as I said, but he likes working when it is raining - I know - mad!!!

Oh well - at least we all had fun, while getting wet .. and the silly thing was that after I had fed him we walked out of the stables into sunshine!
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