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What A Lovely Way To Start The Week ... And The Month!

Sun was just breaking through as I walked out to DJ's field this morning.  He seemed, as ever, happy to see the carrot ... and not too upset that I was carrying it!

We walked in, and he had a good pamper and cuddle time, which was nice.  I know that horses are animals, but one of the things Toni reminded us all during lessons, that if we are nice to them ,then they may be nice to us!  And, in all fairness, it is lovely to spend quiet time with another creature ... human or animal, when you can just have a quiet cuddle - Not many of us take those minutes, do we?

Toni rode Junior and led Smudge.  Junior doesn't wear shoes, and had worn down her feet last week, so was wearing her rubber boots today - very stylish.

We went out towards the village and around the pond before turning back ... having about an hours ride.  the weather was stunning, although near the end, Smudge lost his tail reflector ... so I had to rescue that (just before it dropped off) and then about 5 mins later, part of one of Juniors new boots fell off (although the boot stayed secure) ... so I had to get off this time to collect the clip ... it's a good thing my foot is almost 100% now, otherwise getting back on woulf have been interesting!

And so to home .... DJ was warm, but not hot, so after checking he wasn't going to sweat up, I fed him and took him back to his field ... in fact back to the field he used to be in, as Toni is moving Badger and Conrad there this afternoon.
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